If you are interested in private obstetric care, please read the following information. Due to my recent appointment as Director of Women's Health I am no longer offering private obstetric care. The care described below is being offered by my colleagues at The Bays Hospital who will be happy to see you.




Our goal is to provide you with personalised care that is customised to your individual needs and that accommodates up to date, evidence based medical practice. You will need a GP referral to book an appointment.


The initial consultation allows a review of your history, to undertake any examination necessary and to arrange any additional investigations. We then discuss a plan for your pregnancy care.


A planning and management fee is billed after 20 weeks and is payable by 34 weeks. This fee contributes funds to run the practice, pay the medical indemnity costs, and guarantees the availability of on call obstetric staff 24 hours a day.




Prior to the birth we will discuss your preferences and the individual options available. We have an excellent team of caring and supportive midwives to look after you for your birth. First time mums and those new to The Bays are encouraged to attend classes.


Whilst I will endeavour to attend the birth whenever possible, I work closely with my colleagues on the Peninsula, and we cover each other for deliveries if we are unavailable. These are Drs Kelly Griffin, Sarah Roberts, Keith How, Andrew Griffiths, Petra Porter, David Luiz, and Melwyn D’Mello.


Delivery fees, which include post-natal care on the ward, are invoiced directly to your health fund. If an anaesthetist or paediatrician is required for the delivery, they may charge a gap and will invoice you separately.


Women with conditions such as  obesity or certain obstetric or medical problems may be advised to deliver at Frankston Hospital, but can still be managed as a private patient by myself or my colleagues. Babies born before 36 weeks gestation are not managed at the Bays Hospital as a larger neonatal unit is required. Between 34-36 weeks, babies can be delivered privately at Frankston Hospital. Before 34 weeks they may require care at a public tertiary hospital. Your insurance would need to cover separate care of the baby if required.


To make an appointment with my colleagues Telephone: 5970 5353 Suite 5, The Bays Consulting Suites
262 Main Street, Mornington, VIC 3931