Important Things to Report


You should contact the maternity unit immediately if you notice any of the following problems:


See contacts page for phone numbers


any vaginal bleeding

less movement of your baby than usual (after 24 weeks)

any abdominal or stomach pain that doesn’t go away

contractions that are occurring before 37 weeks

waters breaking (membranes rupture)

leaking fluid vaginally

a high temperature

vomiting that will not stop

a headache that does not settle with rest and paracetamol

visibility loss, blurred vision or flashing lights in the vision

widespread itching of the skin

sudden swelling of face, hands and feet

any concerns about sudden changes



When the time comes for you to go into labour, you may experience a show (mucus sometimes mixed with blood), ruptured membranes, or contractions, not necessarily in that order. A small mucousy show does not require you call the maternity unit, but you should call if you have any of the above, if you rupture your membranes, or if you are having painful contractions.


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